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Our Story

Smoky Hill, LLC is a respected small business operating in central Kansas since 1971.  Our firm offers expertise in all types of heavy construction.

Our roots are in Kansas with our beginnings as Brown and Brown Construction in 1949.  We began operating as Smoky Hill, Inc. in 1971.  In 1994, we converted to a Limited Liability Corporation structure.  Our client list includes cities and counties throughout Kansas, as well as several large contractors.  We are proud of the diverse experience we bring to every job, such as water and wastewater treatment plants where we deal with many subcontractors and complex scheduling issues similar  to the proposed building alternate; grading in which we have experienced many situations from deep excavations, dewatering, rock excavation, and working around traffic; and piping installations and structures.


Mission Statement

Empower our team to become successful craftsmen who take pride in building great projects, families, and communities.


Team Work

Our team plays an essential role in the success of our projects.

Our Approach

Our Story